The ultimate all-round bike, which was created by carefully deconstructing and analyzing the lightness of a road bike, the ruggedness of a mountain bike, and comfort combined with mobility.

This bike was created in collaboration with Toyo Frame, a bicycle frame manufacturer from Osaka that is a global pioneer in mountain bike manufacturing with over 40 years of experience. Our requirements for the all-rounder we envisioned were that it needed to be light, strong, resistant to wear, and durable. In other words, that it perpetually remain in good working order without maintenance. In order to satisfy these requirements, we have selected the best combination of features imaginable.

For the frame, we mainly used titanium tubing known as Ti-3AL-2.5V, which provides high-dimensional lightness, toughness, and strength. For the frame heads and frame ends that are made using the NC process, we use high-grade titanium known as Ti-6AL-4V, which is also used in the aircraft and space industries. Every component from the frame to the crucial carbon front fork and stem has been originally designed by THE and Toyo Frame, and for the drive mechanism, we have adopted a carbon belt drive in place of a metallic chain.

The belt drives produced by Gates, a global carbon belt manufacturer, have been widely adopted by numerous manufacturers such as industrial equipment makers and automobile manufacturers, as they run cleanly, quietly, and smoothly. Since the belt drive is made of carbon, it uses no lubricants and requires no maintenance. It is so durable, that it lasts twice as long as metallic chains, and it is also resilient against mud and snow. In addition, it is also significantly lighter than conventional chains. Although the carbon belt drive is a flawless drive mechanism, its only disadvantage was that it could not change gears.

By combining this belt drive with the Alfine internal transmission system and Di2 electronic shifter by Shimano (one of Japan's leading bicycle parts manufacturers), THE MONSTER SPEC® BIKE “ALLROUNDER” has eight gears that can be shifted electronically. Since this internal transmission system is housed within the wheel hub, the bike resembles a simple fixed-gear bicycle on the outside. However, within the wheel hub is an ultra-precise technology known as a planetary gear mechanism, which is also used in products like the Prius. Moreover, by combining this internal transmission system with an electronic shifter, the gears can even be shifted when at a standstill.

Although the bike is packed with numerous features such as an originally designed titanium frame and carbon fork and stem, a belt drive mechanism, an internal transmission system, and an electronic shifter, its functions as a bicycle are very simple.

Rust resistant, durable, clean, and quiet.

THE MONSTER SPEC® BIKE was developed with the goal of making it the ultimate one-of-a-kind bike.

8 speed
¥ 700,000 (+tax)
single speed
¥ 400,000 (+tax)
“THE MONSTER SPEC®” is a brand of a product series that has given full specifications, can be said to be overspec.
It is Using state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge thinking, generally it was impossible, We have given luxurious specifications.