Everest mountaineers and adventurers who brave the coldest regions, fishermen and builders who work in harsh environments for long periods of time—professionals prefer this overwhelmingly warm thermalwear, which has been developed based on a special three-layer fabric construction.

By layering three materials with different characteristics, warm air is trapped and provides highly effective warmth retention.

1st layer: Danlon® traps the heat
Against the wearer's skin is Danlon®, an original fabric woven from special fibers which have very low heat conductivity. The fabric is not affected by the open air, thereby acting as a wall to trap in the wearer's body heat.

2nd layer: Shrunk nylon holds in the warm air
The middle layer uses nylon threads which have been heat-treated. By heating the woven fabric and shrinking it, air is trapped inside, achieving an extremely high level of heat retention.

3rd layer: Lambswool protects the wearer's body from the cold
The layer exposed to the open air is made of a composite fabric which includes lambswool, a material highly resistant to cold. Each fiber is naturally curled, trapping warm air inside and acting as a wall to keep the cold exterior air at bay.

It is also excellent at wicking sweat, making it useful for physical activities such as mountaineering or skiing.
If the wearer becomes temporarily hot and sweats, the moisture is quickly released to the outside through capillary action. The inner layer of Danlon® is woven with special fibers which have 0% water absorbency, guarding the wearer from discomfort or chilling even if they sweat a lot.

The outer layer of mixed lambswool fabric uses fibers which have an anti-odorant effect. It effectively counteracts various odors, such as the odor of sweat caused by ammonia, or body odor, which is caused in part by Nonenal.

When fibers with differing characteristics come into contact with each other, their different electrification characteristics make it easy for static electricity to build up. By inserting acrylic fibers, which are conductive and have the ability to neutralize electric charge, into parts of the fabric, we were able to reduce unpleasant clinging or dust adhesion due to static electricity.

In addition to activities such as winter sports, attending sporting events in cold weather, fishing, astronomy, and camping, this product can also be used as everyday winter wear.

After long in-house research starting at the spinning stage, Kensen developed and now manufactures the only thermalwear which uses a three-layer fabric construction. The product is produced at a proprietary, domestic factory where all steps of the process are integrated, from spinning thread and weaving fabric to treatment and sewing.

¥ 15,000 (+tax)
“THE MONSTER SPEC®” is a brand of a product series that has given full specifications, can be said to be overspec.
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